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My story .. From the beginning ; On a Hot August summer day i felt a lump in my R breast .. I have had lumpy breasts before , so I guess I wasn't too concerned even though this felt harder then the other times ..I've always had painful breasts and even itchy ones .. Now looking back that could have been a sign .. A sign that I dismissed .. But i put in back shelf .. at this time In my life i was blissfully happy , after 20 years of an abusive marriage n a recent divorce , I met my soul mate .. A windfall of mutual love n wonderful adventures together ! As time went on He sensed something was bothering me And I eventually shared my concerns regarding my lump , my fears were I had no insurance I'm self employed and a mother of 4 .. I don't have time for this .. So thankfully our local hospital offered free screenings and I signed up.. Early nov I had a mammogram and that same day a biopsy .. I had to wait a few days for results .. Deep down I knew .. Got results of my 2.5cm .. It was cancer . They had to send out to another lab to do a fish test and I got those results ., ER positive ,Her2 positive ..I had no idea what they were talking bout ., so my oncologist gently explained I would need surgery , chemo n radiation .. I was facing a tough battle ! I had to have sum time to think n rationalize all this .. Then Telling my kids n my loved ones was the hardest part .. With love n support i made decision to go ahead treatments .. 4 days before chemo to start ..I met with my dr to discuss labs .. He had shocking news .. He blurted out .. Your pregnant !! I was in shock ! I'm 42 ! I thought I was too old to get knocked up ! After reeling with that new news doctor said we can't do chemo .. So I had to think about another way to treat if I was to go full term with pregnancy .. I needed time to think and to share news w my BF ., he living out of town like 2.5 hours away and I wanted to discuss in person delayed the initial time we found out by 2 days .. I shared exciting news as he has never been a father this was a mixed blessing so reluctantly We decided to go ahead n do surgery since my Tumor was big n aggressive ..

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