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Has anyone had labs drawn to see about their hormones and periods returning? I was breastfeeding when I found my lump. My last dose of chemo was Oct 27th. I know they said it could take up to a year, just curious. I am 34 and havent started my Tamoxifin.

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    Yes my doctor did hormone testing every 6 months while taking tamoxifen he did a baseline prior to my starting tamoxifen. I was already pre menopausal before I started tamoxifen I was 48. I had an endometrial biopsy when I had vaginal bleeding while on tamoxifen the results showed I was still having a normal menstrual cycle at that time. I am now 51 officially menopausal per my blood hormone levels so will be switching to the post menopause estrogen blockers. While you are on tamoxifen you cannot get pregnant so will have to take birth control measures, other then birth control pills. When I was first diagnosed at 43 I was really upset at the fact that the cancer was deciding that my child bearing years were over, by having to take tamoxifen. I didn't get married til I was 36. Had my first child at 37 and my second at 39. I was a OB/gyn nurse so knew that even at 43 I still had a couple more years of child bearing if I so wanted another. Because of that I chose not to take tamoxifen at that time. I did have a reoccurence of my breast cancer in 2008. I often wonder would I have had a reoccurence if I took the tamoxifen from the beginning? Would have could have should have.....can't think about the what if's just got to move on.... I am at the same dilemma now 3 years into the tamoxifen as I'm menopausal tamoxifen is only effective for women who have not gone through menopause as of yet. My doctor wants to switch me to the post menopausal estrogen blockers. My first reaction was no thank you different side effects, having to adjust all over again.... but after a few weeks of research I'm like what am I thinking....I have to continue to do what ever it takes to not have another reoccurence even if it means taking medicine for the rest of my life, as that is what research is working towards.... God Bless you and your family in your journey and know that you are not alone in your fears and concerns, this is a great site to Talk it through, ask questions, educate yourself.... take care
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