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One of my breasts is bigger then the other and it feels harder then the other, it hurts to the touch or when I jump or run - could this be breast cancer or just growth? (It hasn't seemed to have gotten any worse then past few months)

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    It could be growth or growing pains, but that depends on your age. If you're young, that's probably it. But if not, then it's hard to tell. In a situation like this, having it checked out by a doctor is probably the safe thing to do.
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    I agree. You should have it checked out. My mother's first sign was a change in breast size but it was not followed up by her doctor. When she had her mammogram a couple of months later, they found the growth. Could have been caught sooner if they had responded to the change in breast size.
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    Get it checked for sure! I found one lump in my breast that didn't hurt and seemed to come from nowhere. When I had the mammogram and ultrasound they found the other lump which was in a site that was always tender. Both are estrogen/ progesterone positive and were reacting to my hormone spikes during my cycle.
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