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I need some personal experience stories of TRAM flap. Any regrets? What can you not do with the abdominal muscle they move?

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    I am doing DIEP flap like Marianne. My surgery isn't planned until last Aug or Sept. Due to radiation and lack of enough skin on my right side...my options are limited. I had the choice of Tram, DIEP, latissimus dorsi, fat transfer, & the new Brava surgery. DIEP is similar to TRAM but they don't have to cut into your stomach muscles. I would just advise you to look at all your options and several different surgeons to find what's right for you. Best wishes you you!!! :)
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    I'm doing the DIEP flap next week because I didn't want to loose muscle
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    Stage 1 Patient
    I am having the TRAM flap next month because it is my only option. My plastic surgeon gave me a great book with a lot of information on all of the procedures, maybe it will help you in your decision. "A Woman's Decision...Breast Care, Treatment & Reconstruction, 4th Edition", by Karen Berger, John Bostwick III, MD and Glyn Jones, MD. Best of Luck
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