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How can one detect breast cancer early on her own?

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Learning About Breast Cancer about 8 years
  • vicki e Profile
    Stage 2B Patient
    Norma is right about following your gut feeling. Four years ago I found a lump and got a mammogram. Nothing showed up on mammo but a biopsy proved my concern was valid. In february of this year I found a lump under my arm that doctor pooh poohed as nothing. I insisted on further testing and had 9 positive nodes removed 2 wks later Listen to your gut and be your own best advocate. It's your body.
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    • Sharon Danielson Profile
      Survivor since 2007

      Vicki E.... bravo and good catch! Thank goodness you are insistant, you took control of the situation and saved your life. Congratulations! Sharon

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  • Norma Johnson Profile
    Learning About Breast Cancer
    You can check your breast often, get mamo when you should and if anything feels funny such as in my case just a funny feeling....let your Dr. Know!
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