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I was just dianosed with ILC that has spread to several lymp nodes. My MD is now wanting me to have chemo first prior to surgery. I am feeling so confused and frustrated right now. Anyone else out there that has gone through somethign similar?

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    My Oncologist wanted me to have some chemo. prior to surgery but the Surgeon nixed it. They usually order it (I think) to try and shrink the tumor so perhaps a lumpectomy can be done and not a mastectomy (at least that's my understanding). If you're unsure, seek another opinion and see what someone else recommends.
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    I have Idc stage 3. My doctor wanted my cancer hit with 6 rounds of chemo first. The cancer was large and into my chest muscles, plus a number of nodes were involved. I knew I would have a bilateral mastectomy when the chemo was done. The tumor shrunk so much it could no longer be felt, and it started out bigger than a golf ball. After the chemo I had the mastectomy, which the doctors were pleased with. There were a few small areas that were then included in the 6 weeks of radiation I had. If I had my surgery first, they would have done much more deep cutting, with poorer results. A second opinion never hurts, but these cancer teams are on the ball and seem to know their business. Good luck over the next year, it will be difficult, but you can do it. Surround yourself by a possitive support team.
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