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Breast Cancer Questions

Whenever a new question about breast cancer is asked on Beyond The Shock, it is automatically pushed to the @BreastCancerQA on Twitter. (note: privacy preferences are still valid)

News And Updates

Follow @BeyondTheShock for updates about new features on the site, the release date and information about the iPhone and iPad apps, and news about the fight against breast cancer.

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  • @BreastCancerQA contains a feed of all the new breast cancer questions asked onBeyondTheShock.com.
  • @BeyondTheShock provides news and updates about BeyondTheShock.com and news about the fight against breast cancer.
  • Join the National Breast Cancer Foundation on Facebook to learn more about breast cancer and Beyond The Shock.
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Breast cancer affects one out of every eight women in their lifetime.

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