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Anyone taken Lupron and Arrimidex at same time and what are the side effects?

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  • paula gittens Profile
    Survivor since 2013
    I am having lupron injections monthly with Letrozole. Severe bone pain along with pelvic pains. Im scheduling an appt with my oncologist for tomorrow
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  • Maria J Profile
    Stage 2A Patient
    Unfortunately, I suffered severe bone and joint pain with Arimidex.
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  • Kathleen Weiland Profile
    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Took Arimidex for one week and thought I was having a stroke . On the 7th day I could not walk, get out of bed and did not connect it was Arimidex till I called my primary who suggested I call my oncologist. I tried for 3 days n finally stayed on phone til a nurse came on n said it can happen with that med. I asked if should go to the ER n she said "Why would u want to do that?" I was so upset I hung up n called my primary n he drew bloody diagnosed peripheral neuropathy which I still have >1 month later n going to get 2nd opinion. Doing exercise, massage, yoga n eating good is helping too.
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