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Is anyone on hormone therapy and if so, how are you doing? Will know in two weeks if I am a candidate for it.

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    Hi Beverly, I have entered my 5th year of the hormone blocking drug Femara or Letrozole. I will be glad when I get to quit. For me, the side effects have been hot flashes, and joint and leg pain. It has been tolerable but for me, the hot flashes have been the most troubling. At first they were just plain ugly. They have gotten better but still a pain. Everybody has different reactions and I always hesitate to say something negative because I don't want to scare anybody from taking this possibly life-saving treatment. The side effects were small price to pay and I am very thankful this is available and I was er/pr positive and her2 negative.
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Yea those are small but peaty side effects will keep in touch good luck take care
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    I know you are almost done but have you tried peppermint oil for hot flashes?
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