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Your thoughts on 5 day radiation with catheter in breast vs 6 weeks; which more dangerous to preexisiting nerve damage/RSD?

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Stage 1 Patient over 5 years
  • Sharon Danielson Profile
    Survivor since 2007
    Unfortunately, we aren't doctors and can't give you opinions on pre-existing conditions, such as yours. It is unique only to you. You absolutely need to discuss this further with your radiologist/oncologist. Take care, Sharon
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  • Marci Wilcox Profile
    Stage 1 Patient
    Thank you, Of course, I have discussed and the two radiation specialists don't know and don't agree which is least risk. Was hoping others who had RSD would have opinion. I think RSD is more prevalent than we hear, but often misdiagnosed. The RN I spoke with today at American Cancer had never heard of RSD or CRPS.
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