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If my aunt (my father's sister) had breast cancer, can I get it?

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Learning About Breast Cancer over 8 years
  • Diana Foster Payne Profile
    Stage 4 Patient
    Not necessarily. In fact about 70-80% of women with breast cancer have no family history. I would make sure to be faithful about getting your mammograms and self breast exams and be aware of any changes you see. I had no family history of cancer at all. Good luck to you. :)
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  • Ali S Profile
    Survivor since 2011
    Anyone can get it...do your monthly exams and tell your girlfriends to as well! I have no family history and got it at 31. Early detection is so important!!!
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  • Michele Joy Profile
    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Anyone can get but you may be at a higher risk due to family history. You can get the BRCA gene test to see if you have the gene. My mom and grandmother both had breast cancer and I took the test! It can back positive and now I'm making choices that may save my life.
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