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I recently found out that i have the BRCA1 mutated gene and am meeting with a genetic counselor next week. What do I have to look forward to?

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    My mom found out she has this as well. I think for her, it just means getting checked more often and being as proactive as you can. You can't change your genetic makeup (at least not that I'm aware of), so it's best to just come up with a plan with your doctor. I would recommend talking to a doctor that has experience with patients that have this marker as well. They will know more about what to look for. Whatever you do, try not to stress or worry. From what everyone says, worry and stress never help. So try not to worry. I think a plan of action with your doctor is best.
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    You have to know if there's any other step you can do to prevent other cancer - in my case we removed my ovaries. Also, know with details about your risks, what you have to avoid in your life, what you can do to be proactive!
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