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I'd been diagnosed by invasive ductal carcinoma last year and i'll get my 9th herceptin as the last one because of its hart effect i cant get more i'm too worried about the cancer comes back and some times i become too depressed to do any thing

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    I am also receiving herceptin until the end of January 2013 or so. You know, my oncologist told me that many studies have shown that 6 months or so of herceptin are as effective as 1 year. Since the data isn't entirely conclusive, my protocol is to stay at a year for treatment, BUT just know that studies have shown that less herceptin is as effective. Rest assured that you've received enough to help you fight it off!! GOOD LUCK!
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    I just had surgery for colon cancer and while I was in the hospital I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy from the Herceptin I was getting or breast cancer. My heart is at 30-35%. Cardiologist sys no more. I'm on drugs to strengthen my heart. But I am starting chemo on Friday that will benefit both the colon and breast cancer. Ask your oncologist for an alternative plan.
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    I get Herceptin too , I haven't had any heart issues , sorry u are experiencing that , im on a clinical trial taking a blood pressure pill or placebo to see if that helps with the cardiac issues , maybe ask your Dr if u can go on a blood pressure pill even if u dont have high blood pressure cause I don't ,it's just suppose to help . Hang in there , one day at a time !
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    Hi, Omid. It is discouraging to have to stop your treatment.Cancer is scary enough, without the medicine that can help you get well, making you sick in another way. Did you have surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy? If you are taking herceptin does that mean you are her2 positive? Try to keep posting on this wonderful site. Many women will be able to help you find a way to overcome the fears that sometime make us miserable. I hope you are able to tell all of this to your doctor so he can help you find a way to defeat this disease. Be strong and stay with us. :-D Jo
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