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What is "normal" swelling after surgery and what type of swelling is bad that needs to be felt with?

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    Well you have issues of fluid, and swelling of tissues but it is normal
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    Carla swelling that needs to be dealt with is angry red and hot very very sensitive. The incision maybe a little red at the incision line if that reddness continues to spread and the area gets Warmer and warmer to touch and if you get a fever (if you are taking pain meds you may not get a high fever ) It is okay to call your doctor if you are concerned if your doctor is unavailable you can also call the surgical center/ hospital you had your procedure done at or the emergency room and ask to talk to a nurse.
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    Hi! I didn't actually swell up straight away and thought that i was making a super quick recovery, so i got back to normal a bit too soon and then swelled up after about a week-10 days after carrying a heavy bag on my shoulder, so please take care not to rush into things! Swelling is very normal and unless it is very hot and angry (as Anne Marie also said) it is probably normal! Good luck with recovery.
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