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I have been diagnosed with Estorgen Receptor positive breast cancer...had lumpectomy

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    Isabelle, Like Marianne, I am also sorry you joined our club. Where are you in your treatment other than having a lumpectomy? I read your bio and it said you had a large tumor, so have had surgery and have found it is estrogen +. I was also ER+ PR+ Her2- My internist said to me at one point...."At least you have the good kind of breast cancer." Meaning it is hormone sensitive. I also see in your bio, you are living the life you are supposed to yet you still got breast cancer. One thing about this disease, it seems to not play favorites and can strike anyone. I never smoked, or drank alcohol, have no family members with breast cancer, live on a farm and work hard every day.... breast cancer at 59. You have a lot of sisters here... lots of women going through treatment, a few fossils like me, 5 years post treatment and cancer free. Please keep in touch with us. We are here to help anyone going through treatment. So sorry you joined the party. Take care, Sharon
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  • Pat Lawrence Profile
    Survivor since 2005
    Hi Isabelle I also had ER breast cancer. Had lumpectomy radiotherapy tamoxifen for 3 years and aromasin for 2 years. Have now been clear for 7 years altogether. Found it really helpful talking to others that had been and are going through it. Only they can understand !!! Hope all goes well with you.
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  • Evelyn Heilbrunn Profile
    Survivor since 2012
    I'm sorry to here about your diagnosis. Welcome to the club. Sounds like somewhere down the road you'll be a Tamoxifen, Femara, Aromasin, etc. candidate, which is a good thing. You keep taking oral medication for a number of years that keeps any estrogen away from any of those nasty little C cells that may be lingering. Do you have a further treatment plan? Radiation? Chemo? What Stage are you? There are many factors that go into the whole thing. Hang in, and ask away!
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  • Marianne R. Profile
    Survivor since 2011
    I'm sorry you have go on this journey. We are with you. Do you know what your treatment plan?
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