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Has anyone had physical therapy for stamina and fatigue after chemo?

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    Maybe Occupational Therapy (OT)? I'm one in my "other life" and would work with anyone with chronic illnesses to get their stamina for daily living back and learn to pace and conserve energy. Google one in your area.... Some physios are good too - especially if they have worked in oncology. Or a personal trainer/kinesiologist that is familliar with rehabilitation. I got a dog for my therapy. Makes me walk daily even when i can barely get up the stairs - those days i just drive to a flat location. And just like "they" keep lecturing us - once you start to get active you do actually feel more energetic. I can hike trails now 4 months later and am still getting Herceptin chemo every 3 weeks......But it's a tough balance. As soon as i do too much i nap for 3 days. But it's slowly recovering. Don't forget to just put one foot in front of the other and you will get there girlfriend!
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  • Elena Ohlbrecht Profile
    Aprendendo sobre o câncer de mama
    Not yet but will be. I can barely climb stairs without losing my breath :-)
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