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Is anyone else positive BRCA1? I got my genetics results and it was positive! I'm feeling very discouraged.

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Stage 2B Patient about 8 years
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    I am positive for BRCA2. It was hard news to hear - I completely understand. But think of it this way - if you have already been diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer, you now know exactly why it happened. Most women never know what caused their cancer. Whether you have or haven't developed cancer at this point, you will face some hard choices ahead - BUT, you now have the gift of very empowering information that can help you and your doctor make potentially life-saving decisions regarding preventive surgery and/or surveillance options. And if you choose to share your genetic testing results, you are giving that gift of potentially life-saving information for your family members. 4 of my relatives have tested positive since my diagnosis and are all taking action to reduce their future risks. Had I not had the testing, they would not have known how high their risks were. Bless you during this difficult time - I know it is VERY hard!
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    I recently found out that I was BRCA positive. I was disappointed scared and cried for a week. I had a complete hysterectomy using the da Vinci robot four weeks ago. I feel great and I recommend the surgery. I still have a lot of decisions to make. I am considering taking tamoxifen. The bilateral vasectomy is still overwhelming.
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      Wow yes very overwhelming

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