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Should fibroadenoma's be removed

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    Anderia, I just found some information on The American Cancer Society site which was very informative. Here is the link. First and foremost, consult your doctor about anything that is not normal for you. If in doubt, get a second opinion. Take care, Sharon http://www.cancer.org/healthy/findcancerearly/womenshealth/non-cancerousbreastconditions/non-cancerous-breast-conditions-fibroadenomas
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    I used to work as a Mammographer and as I recall they are not cancerous. I imagine it would be up to you if you want it removed. One place I was at we got a special biopsy unit and one lady who had a fibroadenoma (the administrator's wife) was convinced she wanted to be one of the first ladies to use it. Pathology did confirm it to be just that but she gloated on it for a long time. Have a discussion with your doctor and see what they recommend.
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