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I completed the AC for IDC breast cancer. 12 treatments of Taxol is next. I Didn't nt want to do taxol. I can't go to the neuropathy in my feet) or chemistry bran or more sore mouth. What is the real risk with 1A breast cancer???

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  • Betti A Profile
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    Your doctor has ordered what they feel is right for your cancer. As to those side effects you may or may not experience them as everyone is different. I did a TC regimen and those were listed as possible side effects with it too but I never had any. Talk with your doctor(s) about your concerns.
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  • Sharon Danielson Profile
    Survivor since 2007
    As much as you want answers, we don't have them. If you read through the PDR about any drug on the market, the side effects will blow you over. Just because there are pages of side effect for Taxol, it still does not mean you will suffer those. As Betti says, we are all different. Usually what will happen, if you start developing the more bothersome side effects, they will discontinue the rest of the treatments. Again, we can't tell you the risk of recurrence for your particular type of breast cancer. You are just looking at one part of your diagnosis at a 1A. There are so many more factors that are now available that put the real meaning of your diagnosis in play. There is grade, hormone status, did you have an onco DX test to see what your chances of recurrence really were? If I were you, I would get a second or third opinion. There is nothing wrong with that. It would give you peace of mind to get more information. You need to talk to another oncologist's opinion outside the practice of your present oncologist. It will help you make better decisions. Please keep us posted. Take care, Sharon
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    They Told me that Taxol .. Was easier ...I lied to me ., for me !!! But I knew that in the bigger system of things .. It's was for the best .. No issues with my feet !!.. But it saved my life ... Your lucky that your stage 1 And you found your cancer early ..
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    I feel ya, but just know, taxol was waaaaaay easier than AC! Only side effect I had was neuropathy in toes, but didn't occur until second to last treatment.
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